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Lazy River Family Campground Chili Cookoff Rules And Regulations.


·       All contestants must register by 10 pm Friday June 14th. You may register at the campground office starting May 15th. 

·       All chili must be hot and ready to eat in a minimum of a 6qt crockpot by 2pm Saturday June 15th. Tasting starts at 3pm upstairs in the rec-hall.

·        Contestants will be given numbers upon submitting their entry. Those numbers will remain anonymous.  (please obey the rules)

·        Lazy river will provide tables, bowls, spoons, & cornbread. 

·       Campers will vote on overall crowd favorite for taste in two categories Non-Spicy and Spicy.

·       Contestants are permitted to enter a chili in each category of Spicy and Non Spicy , but are not allowed two entries in the same category.

·       NO rice, pasta or potato shall be permitted ingredients in any chili entry.

·       1st place will receive a trophy with bragging rights of being Lazy River’s 1st Annual Chili Cookoff Champion and win a lazy river T-shirt!

·       2nd place will receive a “better luck next time” plaque.

Father’s Day/NH Bike Week Weekend!!

June 14th-16th


Saturday June 15th


·      Father’s Day Crafts 10:00am-Upstairs in the Rec hall


·      1st Annual Chili Cookoff Competition.


-        Upstairs in the Rec Hall

-        Entries in by 2:00pm

-        Judging & tasting @ 3:00pm


·      Live Music- Lazy River Family Campground Presents The Lazy Boy Rockers!!@ 4:00pm


·      Campground Community Campfire @ 8:00pm



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